Intrusion alarm

Intrusion alarm

You want to protect yourself from burglaries, break-ins, secure your property and your people, whether for a new construction project, or for your home, your building, your business, your nursery, your school, etc., so choose the installation of an anti-intrusion alarm system.

Depending on your wishes, we can offer you a wide range of solutions adapted to your needs for:

  • Wired, radio or mixed alarm panel
  • Adaptation to your configuration:
    • Dwelling anti-burglary (house, apartment, etc.);
    • Anti-burglary and hermeticity (trade, sales area, etc.);
    • Perimeter anti-burglary (depots, hall, fenced area, etc.).

Control and supervise your intrusion alarm installation:

  • Locally by:
    • A remote control;
    • A code keyboard with display;
    • A touchscreen keyboard;
    • The system clock;
  • Remotely by:
    • Via an application installed on your smartphone or tablet;
    • A connection to a remote monitoring company.

Different protection solutions:

  • Volumetric:
    • Infrared motion detector,
    • Dual technology motion detector;
    • Ceiling motion detector;
    • Industrial detector;
    • Some of these detectors may have the anti-animal and/or the anti-mask option;
  • Perimeter:
    • Opening detector on doors and windows;
    • Glass breakage detector;
    • Shock detector;
  • Outdoor:
    • Special motion detector for outdoor usage;
    • Laser detector;
    • Infrared barriers;
    • Infrared strips;
    • Protection system for fences;
  • Panic:
    • Audible or silent alert button;
  • Medical:
    • Pendant or pusher for an elderly or sick person;
  • Fire:
    • Optical, thermal fire detector;
  • Video:
    • Removal of doubt thanks to cameras integrated into the system.

The equipments proposed by LuxProtect-Solutions for an anti-intrusion alarm installation are certified INCERT and/or EN 50131 Grade 2 or 3 and/or VdS.

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