Video surveillance

Video surveillance

You want to monitor your primary or secondary home, your business buildings, so choose an IP video surveillance installation.

Have indoor and/or outdoor cameras and a digital recorder installed. The set will work on your own IP network or on an IP network dedicated to video surveillance.

Thanks to today’s technological advances, we can install megapixel cameras at a very reasonable price, allowing you to make very good quality video monitoring, day and night.

The cameras will be programmed to trigger in the digital recorder a continuous recording or a recording on events (detection of movement in the image, detection of people or objects, facial recognition, etc.).

You will be able to view through the cameras in real time, replay continuous or event recordings and supervise your video surveillance installation:

  • Locally, on a monitor connected to the digital recorder, on a computer on your network or even use your TV as a control monitor;
  • Remotely, via an application installed on your smartphone or tablet.

Examples of cameras:

  • Megapixel cameras;
  • Color cameras with night vision;
  • Fixed or mobile cameras;
  • Anti-vandal cameras.

For a video surveillance installation in public spaces and workplaces, the location of the cameras must comply with the Luxembourg data protection regulations (CNPD).

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